Alex Lewin

RCUK Research Fellow

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I am an RCUK Research Fellow in the Biostatistics Group in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at Imperial. I am also a member of the BGX collaboration between our department, the Statistics group in Bristol and the Imperial College Microarray Centre, which is developing flexible Bayesian models for gene expression (microarray) data.

Prior to my work in genomics I worked on the Landfill project as part of SAHSU, analysing cancer risks in populations living near landfill sites, and developing a Bayesian hierarchical model for the analysis of risk of birth defects around landfill sites.

For my PhD (in the Theoretical Physics Group at Imperial) I worked with Andy Albrecht and Joao Magueijo on detecting non-Gaussianity in the cosmic microwave background, and on the observability of oscillations in the microwave background and large scale structure power spectra. Whilst visiting Andy Albrecht's Cosmology Group at UC Davis as part of my PhD I worked with the Supernovae Cosmology Project in Berkeley comparing different methods of analysing Type Ia supernovae light curves.

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