Alex Lewin


Working/submitted papers:

Kulinskaya, E. and Lewin, A. Testing for linkage and Hardy-Weinberg disequilibrium. submitted

Lewin, A. and Richardson, S. Model checking in mixture models via mixed predictive p-values.

Papers in refereed journals:

Kulinskaya, E. and Lewin, A. On fuzzy FWER and FDR procedures for discrete distributions. Biometrika 2008, in press. submitted pdf   fuzzyFDR software

Lewin, A., Bochkina, N. and Richardson, S (2007) Fully Bayesian mixture model for differential gene expression: simulations and model checks. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology Vol. 6 : Iss. 1, Article 36. journal page   BGmix software

Lewin, A., Richardson, S., Marshall C., Glazier A. and Aitman T. (2006) Bayesian Modelling of Differential Gene Expression. Biometrics 2006 62: 10-18 journal page   BayesDE software

Lewin, A. and Grieve, I. (2006). Grouping Gene Ontology terms to improve the assessment of gene set enrichment in microarray data. BMC Bioinformatics 2006 7:426   journal page  PoGO software

Broët, P., Lewin, A., Richardson, S., Dalmasso, C. and Magdelenat, H. (2004) A mixture model based strategy for selecting sets of genes in multiclass response microarray experiments. Bioinformatics 2004 20(16):2562-2571; doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/bth285. journal page  gmix software

Jarup, L., Briggs, D., de Hoogh, C., Morris, S., Hurt, C., Lewin, A., Maitland, I., Richardson, S., Wakefield J. and Elliott P. (2002) Cancer risks in populations living near landfill sites in Great Britain. British Journal of Cancer 86, 1732-1736 journal page

Lewin, A. and Albrecht, A. (2001) Can inflationary models of cosmic perturbations evade the secondary oscillation test? Physical Review D 64 023514 ps/pdf at arXiv

Lewin, A., Albrecht, A. and Magueijo, J. (1999) A new statistic for picking out Non-Gaussianity in the CMB. Monthly Notes of the Royal Astronomical Society 302 131-138 ps/pdf at arXiv

Book chapters, proceedings, discussions:

Lewin A. and Richardson, S. (2007). Bayesian methods for microarray data. Chapter in "Handbook of Statistical Genetics, 3rd edition", eds. David Balding, Martin Bishop and Chris Cannings (Chichester: Wiley).

Lewin A. and Richardson, S. (2007). Discussion of `Model-based clustering for social networks' by Mark Handcock, Adrian Raftery and Jeremy Tantrum, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society A, 170, 301-354.

Lewin A. and Richardson, S. (2007). Discussion of `FDR and Bayesian Multiple Comparison Rules' by Peter Mueller, Giovanni Parmigiani and Kenneth Rice. Contribution to Bayesian Statistics 8, eds. Susie Bayarri, James O. Berger, Jose M. Bernardo, A. Philip Dawid, David Heckerman, Adrian F. M. Smith and Mike West (Oxford University Press).

Hein, A.-M.K., Lewin A. and Richardson, S. (2006). Bayesian Hierarchical Models for Inference in Microarray Data. Chapter in "Bayesian Inference for Gene Expression and Proteomics", eds. Peter Mueller and Marina Vanucci (Cambridge University Press).

Magueijo, J. and Lewin, A. (1997). Non-Gaussian spectra and the search for cosmic strings. Contribution to the proceedings of "Topological defects and CMB", Rome, October 96 ps/pdf at arXiv

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